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Enjoy our free videos and articles for parents, carers and professionals


Join Karen & Tara "In Conversation" as they chat through a range of topics, offering advice and ideas to practitioners and families. Within their free videos, they support CYP Therapists who are faced with the "Adolescent Grunt"! Offer insight into how parents support emotional regulation for their children and Transitions and Endings.


We have a range of articles which will be of interest to professionals working with children and young people. Covering topics as diverse as: Self-care, Beginnings, the Nervous System and coping with the Holiday Season.

Browse through our collection of Online Children's Counselling Courses below:

Accredited Training

Experiential accredited courses, written for qualified therapists, delivered by the PIP Solutions' Team

Guest Presenters

Don't miss the opportunity to learn with national and international experts in the field of children's mental health

Refresher Series

1.5 hour refresher sessions designed to top up understanding and get support in particular areas. 

On Demand CPD

Enjoy PIP Solutions’ collection of On-Demand CPD, covering a broad range of topics to help you in your practice.

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