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Specialist CPD training for professionals who care about the mental health of children & young people

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Dynamic & Experiential Child Therapy Training

As experienced therapists, we are passionate about offering training to therapists, social workers and teachers who care about the psychological and emotional wellbeing of children and their families.

We have established ourselves as providers of quality training which is delivered with integrity and enthusiasm, reflecting our core value to Positively Inspire Practice.


The PIP Experience 

We provide dynamic and experiential learning which will ensure participants keep pace with change, meet the demands of the job and ensure that the children they work with are supported, nurtured and successful.



We deliver relevant, jargon-free, accredited mental health training to inspire professionals working with children 



We offer all attendees on our 

In-House Accredited courses, ongoing post-training support 



We host workshops and events in collaboration with national and international experts in the field of children's mental health

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Play Therapist

Brilliant day learning about the polyvagal theory. It feels such essential knowledge which makes so much sense to the behaviours and difficulties we work with as therapists. So much I feel I can apply in my work and I've been inspired and excited to explore this area further. Karen and Tara are clearly very knowledgeable practitioners and even though the training was on zoom I felt that they engaged the group well and encouraged discussion which was a great addition to the experience.

Young Persons’

Thank you to Karen & Tara for delivering such an interesting and informative training.  Both trainers are knowledgeable and enabled me to question and improve my practice. I would recommend this training to any therapist who is looking to integrate and improve their work with Parents and carers.

Play Therapist

A really enjoyable training that offered the opportunity to think about children, young people, and adults and how they react and behave from a Polyvagal Theory aspect. It was a very thought provoking course which is always refreshing and left me feeling encouraged and inspired to promote Polyvagal Theory from within my practise.
Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions
What qualifications do I need to access your child therapy training?

Each training is designed to meet the needs of professionals who already have an understanding of working therapeutically with children and have a Certificate Level (or equivalent) training. Our courses attract a wide range of audiences, including child and adolescent psychotherapists, creative arts therapists, school counsellors, play therapists, head teachers, teachers, early years practitioners, social workers and other clinical practice staff who support children and young people with their mental health at different ages of development.

How does your child therapy training meet the highest standards?

All our teaching and training courses are underpinned with theoretical knowledge and are relevant to professionals including those within a multidisciplinary team who work therapeutically with children, young people and their families. We strive to meet the needs of practitioners who work with children at different stages of their learning journey, whether a student is in the early phase of their child and adolescent mental health training or at post-graduate level training including therapeutic play skills practitioner or play therapist.

Trainings and courses are informed by child development theory, interpersonal neurobiology, regulation theory, attachment theory, polyvagal theory and intersubjectivity. We support all participants to develop and integrate learning and skills into their work, whether they are a creative therapist, child and adolescent psychotherapist or a head teacher.

How can I access quality child therapy training?:

We offer four ways of accessing excellent CPD:

Accredited Training

Join one of our Accredited Training Courses, rigorously certified to ensure quality continuous professional development to support professional registration for child and adolescent psychotherapists and other psychological professions offering therapeutic interventions.

Guest Presenters

Meet our incredible Guest Presenters whose backgrounds cross a broad spectrum of psychological professions. With them they bring their theoretical knowledge and extensive clinical work experience with children, parents, families. All have child development expertise supporting a range of child therapy training frameworks to deliver creative and inspiring workshops.

Refresher Sessions

Jump on our monthly Refresher Sessions to renew and revise your theoretical knowledge and clinical practice. We cover a variety of topics including attachment theory, child development theory, creative arts therapy techniques and therapeutic interventions.

On-Demand CPD

Enjoy the assortment of Pre-Recorded Webinars we have on offer. If time commitment is an 'issue' these webinars will allow you to develop your clinical work and skills through applying theoretical knowledge and therapeutic interventions to reflect on ways of developing emotional resilience for a particular client group whether working in early years, with a child, young person, parents, families.

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