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Some happy participants....

Play Therapist

Brilliant day learning about the polyvagal theory. It feels such essential knowledge which makes so much sense to the behaviours and difficulties we work with as therapists. So much I feel I can apply in my work and I've been inspired and excited to explore this area further. Karen and Tara are clearly very knowledgeable practitioners and even though the training was on zoom I felt that they engaged the group well and encouraged discussion which was a great addition to the experience.

Young Persons’

Thank you to Karen & Tara for delivering such an interesting and informative training.  Both trainers are knowledgeable and enabled me to question and improve my practice. I would recommend this training to any therapist who is looking to integrate and improve their work with Parents and carers.

Play Therapist

A really enjoyable training that offered the opportunity to think about children, young people, and adults and how they react and behave from a Polyvagal Theory aspect. It was a very thought provoking course which is always refreshing and left me feeling encouraged and inspired to promote Polyvagal Theory from within my practise.
Thank you.


Suzanna Stone,
Inclusion Manager, Primary School Colchester

During a one-day training in Attachment Theory, Karen's presentation was clear, well planned and confidently produced and so very inspiring.  She was insightful and sensitive to the responses of her audience as some people found the message personally difficult to hear. For me, the course gave me a light bulb moment as it opened up my mind to my own personal journey.

As a result of this course, I went on to train in using the Boxall profile to assess children for their difficulties with their attachments and then referring those children for play therapy. It was as a result of this course that I felt inspired to continue my career in special needs, helping the most vulnerable children and their families. I have been able to do this with the ongoing support from the course and the subsequent professional conversations that I have had with Karen.


Tim Wainwright,
Deputy Head of Boarding, TASIS School

Tara’s subject knowledge was excellent and she was able to get her message across to us in a very accessible way, whilst challenging many previous perceptions about boarding students. The session was a good balance between the theoretical and the practical with some informative exercises which reinforced our learning for us.


Julie-Anne Green,
Early Years Teacher

The training I received was incredibly interesting and appropriately pitched, giving us real examples of ways to help the children, even breaking it down so far as to give us simple sentence starters.

Demands on teachers seem to be increasing, and whilst fully qualified, we are experiencing some types of behaviour from children that we don’t know how to deal with. Our questions were honestly answered, with the emphasis embedded in reflective practice, and up-to-date knowledge of neuroscience making it clear to us how important it is to consider the developmental norms of the children we teach. 

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