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Applying The Polyvagal Theory to Child Therapy

Polyvagal Theory Training: Accredited Live Online Course

CPD for therapists working with children and young people, offering knowledge, theory and practical application from a Polyvagal perspective to support clinical work


About the Course

Course Overview

Children and young people present with behaviours that can often be difficult to make sense of.  Through a Polyvagal Theory Lens, it can be conceptualised that at the root cause of these self-defeating behaviours is a cumulative effect of many things, including life traumas.  The child/young person is not ‘acting out’ rather it is their nervous systems best attempt to survive.


PIP Solutions has designed the accredited online ‘Applying the Polyvagal Theory to Child Therapy’ for child therapists and those offering therapeutic interventions to children and young people including play therapists, psychological therapists, social workers, teachers, child and/or family support workers.


This one-day (7 hours) training explores Polyvagal Theory described by Stephen Porges (1995, 2001, 2007, 2011, 2017) as a framework to link the vagus nerve and nervous system activity with neural regulation of the child/young person.  There will be a focus on the three organising principles; neuroception, hierarchy, co-regulation to understand what is driving the behaviour, the goal to help the child/young person to find nervous system safety through connection and social engagement.  We will also consider the importance of the practitioner monitoring their own window of tolerance to support relational safety for the client through the lens of play and creativity.

Course Aims

  • To gain a clear understanding of the Polyvagal Theory

  • To have an awareness of one’s own nervous system and how this can compromise the client’s nervous system

  • To apply techniques which support optimal regulation 

  • To integrate new learning and skills into practice

Course Structure

Live online training (via Zoom)

The accredited experiential ‘Applying the Polyvagal Theory to Child Therapy’ is delivered by PIP Solutions Training.  The course is delivered online and totals 7 hours teaching: 9.00 am-5.00 pm.


Course Content

  • History of Polyvagal Theory

  • Introduction to the vagal nerve and physiology of the vagal branches

  • Three organising principles: Neuroception, Hierarchy, Co-regulation

  • Vagal brake and Vagal tone 

  • Attachment and trauma through the lens of Polyvagal Theory

  • Play as a ‘neural exercise’  

  • Case examples

  • How Polyvagal Theory relates to clinical practice

  • Applying the framework of Polyvagal Theory to measure efficacy and how to communicate this at meetings


Participants will be required to have their video on throughout the training. 

CPD Points

7 CPD Points awarded to participants who complete the full live on-line training


Cost: £130.00* which includes PIP Solutions' Super Protector Resource (Children x 1 & Young People x 1) worth £9.99** 

* From January 2025 the cost will be £140

** Overseas participants accessing the training will be charged additional postage costs

Next up

Tor, Play Therapist

I would highly recommend this training. Karen and Tara are experts in this field and explained the information so clearly. This is one of the best training days that I have attended. I learnt so much and it will have a major impact on my practice. Thank you.u

Alison, Counsellor

For the first time, I feel confident that I have a good enough understanding of polyvagal theory to share it with clients, parents and with school referrers. I've done several Polyvagal courses before because I know it's something I should 'get' but have struggled to get my head around it - until now!

Sian, Play Therapist

Sometimes you do training and by the end you're happy for it to be over, but I thought it was actually a shame when this training ended! Great combination of theory and practical and Tara and Karen are so personable.

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